Developing for Tilt Five in Unity

A Tilt Five system is composed of glasses, a special game board with a retroreflective surface, and a motion-tracked wand controller. The glasses project an image from each eye to the game board, which reflects back to the player’s eyes to achieve a stereoscopic effect. The glasses track their position relative to the game board, as well as the position of the wand.

To use the Tilt Five system with a Unity project, we provide a plug-in to act as a bridge between the Tilt Five hardware and Unity. This plug-in is included in the Developer SDK Installer or tarball distribution.

The Tilt Five Unity plug-in provides support for multiple Glasses on a local computer. It is not a Unity XR API plug-in, however, since only one XR device at a time is supported by Unity, but it does support the standard Unity XR input device classes for the Unity Input System.

Online Documentation

Using the Unity Plug-In is documented in the Unity API Reference including information on setting up a project or upgrading from a prior version.

Sample Projects

Name Description
Tilt Five SDK Examples Included with the SDK Install is an example Unity project in a .ZIP file with reusable code components
Battle Brawl Sample A template project for a fighting game