A Breakdown of new releases for the 0.11 SDK release

Release Versions

2021-03-26 - Tilt Five Unity SDK 0.11.2 Alliterative Alpaca

  • Updated wand pairing tool and pairing instructions.

2021-03-25 - Tilt Five Unity SDK 0.11.1 Alliterative Alpaca

  • Fixed typo in .bat file.

2021-03-24 - Tilt Five Unity SDK 0.11.0 Alliterative Alpaca

  • Added new Windows Driver installer.
  • Added new Tilt Five Control Panel
    • Known Issue: ‘Help>Check for Updates’ menu option on the control panel goes to a web page that doesn’t exist.
    • Known Issue: ‘Tools>Logdog’ and ‘Tools>Liveview’ menu options on the control panel show a ‘something went wrong’ message (Liveview and logdog are not included in this release).
    • Known Issue: Launching the control panel on Windows computers configured for Spanish or French will result in reduced menus, missing error messages and possibly crashes.
  • New Wand firmware (0.6)
    • Enables the Wand to remember the most recently-paired Glasses.
  • Analog wand joystick/trigger values now span the expected ranges.
    • Known Issue: Wand states may occasionally be dropped when the stick is fully tilted.