A Breakdown of new releases for the 0.12 SDK release

Release Versions

2021-05-03 - Tilt Five Unity SDK 0.12.1 Bashful Basilisk

  • Added support for factory-built glasses.

2021-04-30 - Tilt Five Unity SDK 0.12.0 Bashful Basilisk

  • Added initial visual-only Wand Tracking support.
    • Limitation: 30Hz wand pose updates
    • Known issue: Coaxial rotations (i.e. twisting the wand in place) are not yet tracked.
    • Added a simple wand tracking demo that mirrors the wand pose under the game board’s surface.
  • Added post processing support.
  • Added new scenes to sdk-examples project.
    • These reference implementations demonstrate interaction models and UI experiments that developers may find thought-provoking or helpful while developing their own applications.
  • New Wand firmware (0.7.4)
    • Wand LED blinks green when connected to save power.
  • Updated wand_pairing tool
    • Pairing code sequence reduced to 4 button presses
    • Increased stability of the pairing/updating process.
  • Tweaked TiltFiveManager’s custom inspector to separate scale and game board settings from the glasses settings.
  • Default IPD set to 59mm