A Breakdown of new releases for the 0.14 SDK release

Release Notes

2021-07-21 - TiltFive-SDK-Setup-0.14.1.exe

  • Improved dark color rendering.
  • Rotated the default gameboard orientation to match the physical gameboard.
    • Scene should no longer be rotated 90° when the T5 logo faces the user.
  • Updated SDK-Examples to 1.10
  • Added 3D models for wand and glasses
  • Fix for jittery behavior when moving the virtual gameboard around in the scene.
  • Slightly improved sharpness / readability by reducing default FOV from 55 to 48.
  • Audio corruption fix
    • Clicks are still expected, with another fix coming in the next release
  • Various display bug fixes

2021-07-03 - TiltFive-SDK-Setup-0.14.0.exe

  • New Control Panel
    • Switched to Flutter-based UI
    • Added Wand Pairing GUI
    • Shows Glasses connectivity status
  • Added new SDK Installer / Uninstaller.
  • Implemented additional tracked points on the wand, such as the wand tip.
  • Fix for USB instability on some host controllers.
  • Slightly improved wand tracking.
  • Improved Glasses image stabilization.