A Breakdown of changes for the 1.4 Driver & SDK releases

Release Notes

2023-05-23 - Jousting Jackalope 1.4.0-beta.6 (Public Beta)

This release is a public beta for the version 1.4 Driver & SDK components planned for 1.4.0. Developers are encouraged to test against new features and enhancements which are implemented here but we suggest you do not publicly release content built with a Public Beta SDK because APIs and driver support may change before the 1.4.0 final release.

Note: Linux builds are not yet available for the 1.4.0 Public Beta. New Android APKs and plug-in support files are included in the Windows SDK Installer and SDK Tarball

  • Feedback Encouraged!
    • If you experience issues using any Tilt Five component with this public beta, please use the “Save log package” in Control Panel’s Settings (or on Android, save a system log on your computer with logcat while reproducing the issue) and report it to us!
  • Downloads
  • Control Panel
    • Provide more information about Glasses health check issues and support information by clicking/tapping on any of the issue cards
    • Show health check issues for USB host-side failures such as a device missing error when the Glasses should still be connected (indicating possible USB power or connectivity issues)
    • Show a de-synchronized projector health check issue card to indicate trouble with projectors on the Glasses
    • (Windows) Fix cases where launching Control Panel will not show the notification icon as intended
  • Glasses
    • Synchronize display of frames with USB transfer receipt time to avoid persistent judder in some content
    • Avoid occasional stalls in frame display when events from projectors are not received correctly
    • Turn off the Glasses cooling fan when they are plugged into USB but not in use and the internal temperature of the Glasses remains below a limit
    • Improve tracking when the Glasses are viewing the Gameboard from a corner position
    • Restart Glasses shortly after an unexpected condition is detected instead of signaling a crash state and halting until unplugged
    • Expose audio output main level control which was previously stuck at an extremely low volume resulting in inaudible experiences on Android
  • Wands
    • Reduce incidents of “fly-off” behavior during motion of Wands when gyroscopic prediction was fitting too closely to incorrect tracking points in subsequent frames
    • Fix occasional loss of Wand events by using specific Wand timestamp epochs per Wand instead of one epoch for both
    • Fix Wand tracking stability problems for both Wands which persisted 5 to 60 seconds after a second Wand was powered on
    • Fix an issue causing the Wand tracking state to become corrupted over time when the glasses were not tracking the gameboard
  • Drivers
    • (Windows) Add the Tilt Five Projection Alignment application that allows for per-Glasses fine-tuning to account for mismatches between perceived and expected virtual object positions; this can help if the Gameboard position appears to be offset from real-world perception of objects if they appear shifted sideways, deeper inside, or were raised above the board
    • Store settings in a SQLite database file on all platforms instead of the prior platform-specific methods
    • Fix issue where connected Glasses which had crashed or disconnected from USB were made available to applications
    • Avoid Glasses startup issues on some USB host controllers by sending Glasses firmware in chunks of 1MB or less
    • Write logs to disk asynchronously to avoid timing side-effects from event logging
    • Improve reliability of message processing when service connection pipe fills
    • (Linux) Removed legacy dependencies on GLFW
  • Developer Tools (Developer SDK)
    • Gameboard transforms applied to Glasses are stored as settings for those Glasses on the host where they were set, until changed again with the gameboard_transform tool
    • Added GUI to gameboard_transform tool to set or edit previously supplied transform parameters
    • (Windows) Relaunch gameboard_transform tool from the service, avoiding the need to run it as an Administrator account, and add --pause command line option to see its output which opens in another window
  • NDK Beta (Developer SDK)
    • Add Vulkan graphics API support
    • Add GL_OVR_multiview2 support to the OpenGL graphics API for single-pass rendering
    • Prevent a client application from incorrectly terminating its service connection if the service responds slowly (possibly due to system load)
  • Unity Plug-in (Developer SDK)
    • Add Vulkan graphics API support
    • Add custom yield instructions for player & Wand connection
    • Change the default for the legacy scaling option of the Gameboard to false; building with this version of the SDK will require a change in how your content uses the Gameboard scale, or to explicitly enable the legacy option
    • Fix an issue where Glasses would be lost by the application despite still being connected, resulting in the user losing visual and input updates; this more heavily impacts users with lower-performance machines who may see more disconnect events
  • Known Issues for 1.4.0-beta.6
    • Wands: With two Wands (left and right hand) active on one pair of Glasses, Wand tracking will be jittery #1010
    • Drivers: Tilt Five Projection Alignment app not yet available on Android and Linux #380