A list of currently supported and upcoming features

Items are not listed in any particular order

Currently Supported Features

  • Multiple Headset Support
  • Multiple Wand Support
  • Wand Pairing
  • Wand Tracking
  • Windows 10 & 11 Support
  • LE Gameboard Support
  • XE Gameboard Support
  • Unity Plugin
  • Unreal Engine Plugin
  • Native C SDK Support (Beta)
  • IR Tangible Tracking Camera Support
  • Android Developer Support for Unity (Beta)
  • Low-Angle Gameboard Tracking
  • Vulkan Graphics API support

Upcoming Features

  • Google Play Store for Commercial Game Distribution
  • DirectX12 Graphics API support

Experimental Features

  • Vertical/Wall-Mount Gameboard Support
  • Linux Platform Unity support
  • Linux Unity runtime