Where to find SDK Downloads

All developer resources including latest downloads and these documentation pages are linked off the Tilt Five Developer Resources Site

Stable Releases

The latest stable SDK and driver download links are provided with comprehensive release notes here at the permanent link https://docs.tiltfive.com/latest_release.html.

Public Beta Releases

Occasionally there is a public beta program for an upcoming release, and if so you can download the latest beta SDKs at the permanent link https://docs.tiltfive.com/latest_beta_release.html

Note: Public Beta program SDKs generally should not be used to release applications to users, since they are usually dependent on changes in the related beta driver version which could be changed by the final release of a driver. Always update the SDK and Drivers to the same beta version when developing against a public beta!

Once installed…

On Windows, once the SDK is downloaded and installed, you will typically find Unity Plug-in files located at C:\Program Files\TiltFive\Unity Plugin. For low-level access to the Glasses there is also the Native SDK.

Running your Glasses

In addition to downloading the SDK, on Windows or Ubuntu Linux you will also need to download and install the drivers for your platform to use the Glasses or test your project in Unity. These can be downloaded from the same webpage as the SDK.

Note: If you are developing for Android devices using an Android Beta, you should follow the developer instructions and side-load the Beta Control Panel and Service APK onto your test devices rather than using these components from the Google Play store