A Breakdown of new releases for the 1.2 Driver release

Release Notes

2022-8-23 - Tilt-Five-Driver-Setup-1.2.1.exe

  • Control Panel
    • Avoid placing the Control Panel window behind task bars, make sure it opens in usable screen area
    • Fix LED color names and references to T5 button to be consistent with post-beta wands in the Wand pairing flow
  • Glasses
    • Improve XE Board tracking when raised
    • Fix lack of volume controls when Glasses are in sleep mode
    • Prevent leaving an IR illumination LED on in unusual error conditions
  • Wands
    • Tracking of Wand position for one participant will no longer be affected by another participant’s Wand
  • Drivers and Tilt Five Software Install
    • After 1.2.1 is upgraded to a future version or if it is re-installed, your settings will be retained; you can still remove these settings by running the uninstaller manually and choosing the “Remove user settings” option
  • Unity Plug-in (Developer SDK)
    • Set displayName of Wand controllers for Input System to “Tilt Five Wand”
    • Return correct TiltFiveManager object consistently in the Unity Editor; sometimes a different prefab component was being returned

2022-7-29 - Tilt-Five-Driver-Setup-1.2.0.exe

  • Control Panel
    • Fix error reporting for firmware validity from the system tray
    • Logging file size reductions for users who turn on developer mode’s extended logging
  • Glasses
    • Reconnecting the Glasses in the middle of the game after disconnecting them will be less likely to fail to restore video to the Glasses
    • Consistent 60 FPS display framerate (developers should use a constant 60 FPS target to benefit)
    • Fan speed is more consistently maintained (note: does not apply to Beta glasses hardware)
    • Gameboard position tracking improvements
  • Wand
    • Significantly improved latency for movement tracking
    • Tracking is more robust when communication to the Wand has packet losses
  • Drivers and Tilt Five Software Install
    • Introducing support for MixCast webcam composition streaming; you must be using the Driver version 1.2 or later with content which has integrated MixCast support
  • Native Development Kit Beta (Developer SDK)
    • Change where the graphics context is created to initialization instead of when Glasses are acquired
    • You will need to update your use of the NDK with this version; note that NDK is still in beta and breaking changes may occur
  • Unity Plug-in (Developer SDK)
    • Support for InputSystem for Wands; Now you can use the InputSystem methods to access wand events and pose
    • Update of the “Tilt Five Wand Model” prefab so the scaling of the wand model is accurate at a 1:1 with world space, and sets its origin to be at the handhold pose center in the wand body, aligned directly with the tip
    • Fixed a bug where the same wand button events could occasionally fire on two consecutive frames