Tilt Five™ Unity API  1.4.1


The Tilt Five™ Unity Plug-In API enables development of content for the Tilt Five™ platform.

Ensure you're using the latest development tools by visiting https://www.tiltfive.com/developers.


  • Latest driver package installed
  • Available USB3 port
  • Tilt Five™ glasses
  • Unity Real-Time Development Platform version 2018.3 or later LTS (Tested on 2019, 2020, 2021 LTS)

Getting Started


  • TiltFiveManager is the top level interface to the plugin
  • The Gameboard is where content is placed in relation to the viewer
  • Wand Input is provided by our custom input method or via Unity InputSystem

A Note on Compatibility

We aim to provide backward compatibility between Developer SDK versions and driver versions, but we do not provide forward compatibility. In practice, this means:

  • Software built using an older SDK version will work with the same driver version or newer.
  • Software built using a newer SDK version will fail to work with older driver versions.


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