Tilt Five Wand

The Tilt Five Wand connects to the glasses when powered on, requiring no special hardware or drivers beyond what is required for the glasses.

To get started, plug in the glasses. On the wand, press the System button, located below the 1 and 2 buttons underneath the joystick. Above the joystick, a small LED will display a solid red light when it is attempting to pair with glasses, and a flashing green light when it successfully connects.

Wand Input

Enabling wand controls is similar to enabling gamepad controls, and our API approximates the built-in UnityEngine.Input API. In your input processing script(s), simply call a function from TiltFive.Input, such as:

  • GetButton() - Whether the indicated button is being pressed.
  • GetButtonDown() - Whether the indicated button was pressed this frame.
  • GetButtonUp() - Whether the indicated button was released this frame.
  • GetStickAxis() - The direction and magnitude of the joystick’s tilt.
  • GetTrigger() - The degree to which the trigger is being depressed.
  • GetWandAvailability() - Whether or not there is a wand connected to the glasses.

There are also TryGet variants for many of these functions that will fail when there is no wand connected.