Guidelines for our Beta Backers to help address some key questions

What can I publicly share after I receive my Beta Kit and access to the SDK?

  • Youtube videos: Make sure to share that you have a Beta Kit, and if you’d like you can share a follow-up video/review once you have your final commercial hardware.
  • Livestreaming on Twitch, Youtube etc.: Make sure to share that you have a Beta Kit.
  • Podcasts: Go talk it up! Let us know if you need any information, or we’d love to speak as guests on your podcast if scheduling allows.
  • Social media: Pictures & video are great, feel free to tag us on Twitter, we’d love to share and boost your stuff.
  • Through-the-lens video capture: It can be difficult to capture, but go for it!
  • You can share free game builds of projects you’re working on.

Can I publish games or apps to Steam/Google Play etc?

  • We expect you to build all sorts of cool things with your Beta Kits and the Beta SDK, and we’ll be making updates and changes to both hardware and software leading up to the consumer version. So our advice is to work on your projects with the Beta Kits and Beta SDK, then use the consumer version hardware and SDK to validate your builds before shipping to Steam or Google Play. This will help ensure the best quality version for the players!

Am I allowed to share the stuff that might not be working well?

  • We’d prefer if you highlight the great stuff, but of course this is Beta hardware and software so there’s bound to be hiccups. We’d love to use these kinds of hiccups as an opportunity to engage you and others in constructive conversation and continue to improve the product.
  • If there’s something really bad, or unexpected happening with your Beta Kit, please consider letting us know before sharing anything publicly. It’d be a good chance to figure out if it’s an isolated occurrence or something we need to address across all devices.
  • If you’re just not sure whether or how to share something publicly, come chat with us! We’re happy to help clarify any uncertainty around any potential sticky topics.
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